Bridal Hair Accessories Throughout the Ages

Bridal Accessories Past and Present

Being a bridal design company and ladies who couldn’t find the accessories we wanted for our own weddings, we are so happy to be able to help brides’ today who are looking for their own perfect wedding accessories.

When brides ask us where we get our inspiration for our designs, we love telling them how our own Grandmother’s dress and other headdresses from times gone by, light up our creative sparks. The results give our own unique twist on designs from the distant past to bring brides a taste of the stunning pieces the Victorian and Edwardian artists produced back then.

Throughout the ages, bridal accessory designs seem to go around in circles and here we give a taste of each era so that when you choose your dress, you will be able to match them with complementing accessories to suit not only your the bride, but the dress and theme they are going for.

Example of bridal headpieces of the past century

Pre Classical period still had its influences going into the 1900s where the bridal accessories could be rather lavish, statement pieces. Brides often wore veils and sometimes their bridal headdresses were more like headpieces due to their size and ornateness. Many were encrusted with crystals and pearls and silk flowers to create a large and beautiful picture. However, after the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, with her own real Orange Blossom hair vine was the start of brides who could afford, to wear real flowers in their hair. Queen Victoria’s Orange Blossom Hair Vine was preserved in wax and replicated using wax flowers, designs that my sister and I have reproduced with modern sophistication and charm in our little boutique in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Moving into the 1920′s you have the ‘Flapper’ inspired pieces that were worn with short, sharp cropped hair styles and were, in some cases dramatic and would set a fashion scene that would appear decades later. Headpieces were often worn low down over the forehead with the bridal headdresses being lace, feathers, diamantes, crystals and bling. With drop waist dresses that would still play an important fashion role going into the 1930s.

The 1930′s saw a traditional revival with veils playing an important role and often would cover the entire head creating a laced veiled cap effect known as the ‘Juliet Cap’. Sometimes brides chose halos of lace, ribbon and flowers to create a soft and feminine look for their bridal headdress, each very striking and demure.

Not all 1940′s brides had the same choice of bridal headdresses as Queen Elizabeth who married in 1947 but in these austere war years, brides wanted traditional, princess tiaras with crystal and shine. With long flowing cathedral length veils being the order of the day and at times the full headpiece being chosen, brides of the 40′s looked simply stunning.

Jackie O and the actresses of the roaring 50′s created a new wave of glamour that filtered its way through to the everyday bride. With short, crisp and sassy veils teamed with sophisticated bridal headdresses, the 1950′s brides wanted glitz and glamour and although lace played a big part and full Juliet caps still being fashionable, things were hotting up.

The 60′s saw a few different styles vying for attention. The hippy movement saw daisy chains, flowery, blousy, natural and simple creations whereas there were the brides with the big bouffant hair styles who wanted the traditional crystal tiara and long flowing veil. Larger styles of bridal headdresses seemed to appear again in the 60′s with some brides wanting fuller halo effect pieces to create a statement against the more simplistic waist cinching dresses.

In the 1970′s, our personal favourite era for bridal dresses and accessories that saw a huge amount of bohemian brides with the flower circlets and flowing locks. Yet too, just as popular were the full tiaras, bonnets, headpieces and in some cases large blousy hats that were beginning to become a choice for some, along with the more demure and alluring pill box hats with birdcage veils.

Wow, the 1980′s! Bows, bows everywhere along with satin, ribbon, flowers and hoops. The 1980′s saw big hair, big veils, ruffles and bows and big wedding dress trains, although not many brides opted for the 25ft beauty that Princess Diana had!

Into the 90′s with a real contrast in fashion and a bit of a mixture when it came to bridal accessories. Brides were opting for traditional tiaras full of crystal and bling, yet others were experimenting with revivals and dresses that leaned towards a Tudoresque rather pre-classical style with full length capes or watteau, full arms, embroidered lace and Maid Marion inspired innocence. Towards the end of the 90’s and into the 00’s the vintage pieces were starting to play a part with beautiful pieces being made entirely of antique and vintage jewellery. The heirlooms of tomorrow were being created.

Up to modern times, and vintage is still very much the order of the day. With our service to incorporate a bride’s own heirloom piece into her accessories or even restoring Grandmother’s original headpiece, brides are staking their claims to individuality, glamour and a unique aspect to their day that can so very often have a mass produced feel about it.

So we encourage all brides to sit down with a cuppa, the old family albums and immerse themselves in their own family vintage and historical charm to gain inspiration that ensures the beauty of the past stands the test of time. If you’re a bride who has an old family heirloom, we can offer a full restoration service or provide stunning antique and vintage inspired accessories to complement every bride’s unique style.

My sister and I are proud to offer a complete service to brides, their mothers, mother in laws, maids and family to give a unique and uncontrived look to her beautiful wedding day. We look forward to hearing from you or welcoming you into our little boutique in the lovely market town of Bakewell, Derbyshire in the Peak District National Park.

At Heirlooms Ever After we design and hand make unique and exquisite bridal accessories and jewellery. After standing many National Wedding Shows and other large and exclusive Designer Wedding Shows within the industry, we are well placed to offer a full service to brides and her party.

Being the only company in Europe to have developed a unique Wax Flower compound to replicate the Wax Flower Hair Accessories of the Victorian and Edwardian periods, we can offer a full restoration service to transform or bring back to life your Grandmother’s or family heirloom accessory.

Vanessa and I look forward to assisting you in organising your beautiful bridal hair accessories and jewellery.

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Types Of Western Dresses & Accessories To Complement

Western dresses have a large array of styles and design patterns which magnetise our attention instantly. There is a wide collection of dresses in both online and offline markets where it becomes really difficult to choose from for any fashionable women. With such a huge variety of styles, these dresses are further divided in terms of occasion-wise wearing. And this is where one gets confused. Be it a wedding, cocktail, and lawn side party, college farewell or reception, at each and every occasion one needs to select a different type of dress. It all depends on the mood or tone of the event. Each and every dress has its own purpose and it all depends on how you accessorise it, will further pitch up your appeal. For instance; where wedding dresses need to be light in weight, sheer, and subtle in colour, party wear dresses should be somewhat flashy.

Bodycon Dresses – Bodycons can be said as the second skin of the wearer as this type of dresses is generally tight and glues with the skin to showcase your proper body shape and figure. These body-hugging dresses are silhouette-skimming dresses which make your look completely astounding. These can be also worn as party wears with skyscraper heels or can be played out with printed block heels and retro shades. In general, these drapes are available in plain silhouettes, single shade and plain design. But one can also buy online western dresses like this with quirky prints as well.

Peplum Dresses – It’s an essential for every fashionista’s closet. Peplum dresses showcase amazing mid-wave umbrella type of silhouette which starts from the waist of the dress. One should opt out sleek jewellery, shoes and accessories to complete her look. Avoid shoes while complementing and put on small heeled ballerinas or pencil heels. These dresses are formal environment-friendly as well.

Cocktail Dresses – Cocktail party is an event where clinking of glasses and laughing on dark humour is a trend. On this special occasion, one needs to put on something which is highly comfortable to wear all day long and showcase sophisticated designs and hues. Little embellishments on the neckline or sequins all over the dress are some special features of this type of dresses. You need to be a little bit more creative while choosing complementary accessories and jewellery. Try out contemporary choker necklaces with chic hanging earrings.

Wedding Dresses – A wedding is a big fat event in which a stylish and fashion serious woman is supposed to dress in eye-catching western wears. White, pastel, and coral hues are much in trend nowadays. Whatever is the colour, design or style, the bride or bridesmaids needs to look comfortable and absolutely stunning on this day. And wedding dresses here solve the purpose. These dresses are generally made of net and satin or silk fabric with less yet alluring designs. Apart from any casual wedding at the church, garden weddings, beach wedding, and banquet weddings can be enjoyed with the different type of thematic dresses.

Shift Dresses – These dresses are like the reincarnation of 60’s era and its clothing styles. Featuring short and straight structure, these dresses lie a little above the knees and look great when spiffed up by gladiator flats or block heels with laces. Quirky prints or sparkling shades are in trend. These dresses can be worn at casual meet-ups and as a funky college wear. This western wear for girls with captivating fashion sense is a must-have for summer, spring and autumn season. In winters, one can wear them with pop coloured leggings and boots.

IndiaRush, a leading online company for women Western wear, offers a wide collection of online western dresses and a huge collection ofwestern wear for girls. The site has a user-friendly interface, where you can make online shopping of Western clothes and offer speedy delivery all over India.

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How Yesteryear’s Fashion Has Evolved for Today’s Fashion Conscious Indian Women

It is said history repeats itself and Fashion isn’t an exception either. Moreover, Fashion never grows old, nevertheless it loops around, only to make a comeback at any point of time. With so much happening in the fashion world involving latest trends etc. there’s a clear indication that some of the past trends that were once in vogue have now made a U-turn to make its presence felt in today’s time.

Well I suppose one could attribute the above phenomena to the current “media ruled” world we live in Currently, Styles that were hit 20 years back are on the upswing with dungarees, baggy tops, signature colors and more. The 90’s was somewhat of a “rebel era” which took fashion on an exploitative mode in search of new options that gave rise to “street-wear clothing” which eventually replaced the puritanical and elite fashion.

So, let’s explore some of the throwback styles from the past which is making a Blast once again.

Half Sari
Half saris were the fashion talk of a gone by era, and will yet prevail as one of the most popular trends in 2017.This form of a sari is not only having a retro aspect but it is central to the street style trend due to the uncommon ensemble it features. Also, there is more than one way of wearing it & it just suits in any occasion whether its party or a traditional event.

Moreover, draping it is easy as it just needs to be wound around and tucked in. Even, wearing dupattas is flexible. They were so common and were patronized by many Bollywood heroines of the late 60’s & mid 70’s.

Crop Tops
Crop tops are the most popular trend that started to evolve during the 80’s and became a top trend during the 90’s and now its back again to woo women. Be it Hollywood celebrities or Bollywood ones, everyone seems to be liking Crop tops and no wonder it has become a chic street style trend.

Also, it goes well with casual bottoms like palazzo, denim jeans or shorts, that gives the ‘hot looks’ that a girl could desire for.

Palazzo Pants
Being the quintessential 70’s trend, Palazzo Pants makes its mark yet again! These baggy ‘legged’ pants make a perfect fit and anybody can wear it and look sassy. They make an amazing outfit specially during night-outs or just about for any informal party. Team it up with a long sleeved crop and you bet all eyes will be on you. Off-white shade makes for a cool color when it comes to Palazzo rather than just plain bright colors.

Take it a notch up by accessorizing it with a dash of funky jewelry and you will realize how much of a glam you were missing!

Floral Prints
Floral patterns personify nature after all they depict colorful flower patterns and which girl does not like flowers. Also, it gives the outfit the mood of the changing seasons, so spring time outfit has more of those somber floral colors, while summer clothing has bright colored floral patterns. So, floral prints are the eternal favorites and it will continue to be so. Floral prints give a chic disposition specially when it comes to jumpsuits, casual dresses, maxi dresses etc.

In fact the legendary denim has befriended the floral legacy giving it a boho appeal & that makes it extremely trendy & youthful. Moreover, it acquires a philosophical charm that makes it so feminine and reminds one of yesteryear’s innocent fashion.

Puff Blouses are Back
The classic “puff blouses” which got passed down from the royal families & thus it became a standard style during the 1960’s and 1970’s. This traditional Bengali style blouse has been a favorite of heroines of yesteryear’s Indian cinema which is what made it so popular. Many fabrics can be used in the creation of this style since the same fabric for the sleeve as well as the blouse is used or even a different fabric like “Net” is used along with other embellishments.

Thus, from the above Dressing & Clothing styles it proves that Vintage is the advantage for the ever-Changing world of Fashion… So Pick your Choice & wear the ones which suit you and the times that define you!

IndianHanger is a leading multi-designer online store based in India. It offers carefully curated Indian ethnic wear & it also showcases Indo Western pieces and costume jewellery for women. “will it fit me” is the brand mantra for I.H which has made it possible to make dresses as per the need of every individual customer across the world.

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Men Forced To Pee Like Girls

I’m a fashionable guy. Always have been. I am both cheap AND fashionable. How is that possible? I am lucky to have a body on which clothes look good. Often I can wear even cheap clothing and look good, as long as the cheap clothing fits. I wear clothes that look good but don’t cost an arm and a leg. This includes my underwear.

The underwear I have been wearing for years fit well and looked good but are getting old and wearing out. It’s time to buy new underwear. Unfortunately, the new version of my existing underwear has changed; I tried two different sizes and both sizes suck and fit badly. Hence, my going upscale and considering switching to expensive designer men’s underwear, boxer briefs. In a cool camouflage pattern.

I was considering buying Calvin Klein boxer briefs. They weren’t cheap so I wanted to make sure about fit, comfort etc. No, you can’t go to the department store, rip open a package of men’s underwear and try them on. Thus, buying underwear is always a risk. And, all too often the brand you wore for a decade has changed, is made in some cheap-labor country, doesn’t fit well and is of much lesser unacceptable quality. Junk. And unwearable.

And, no, I do not wear tidy whities and haven’t since high school. And I’ve tried a number of brands of briefs and none fit well. I have insanely spent hundreds of dollars unsuccessfully trying to find underwear that looks good AND fits.

I checked amazon and they offered the Calvin Klein brand and style. In my size. I zoomed in on the item and it looked like good quality and the reviews said they were a good and accurate fit. So far so good. I could not, however, tell from the photo if they had a side or top opening in the pouch for ease of urination. I definitely wanted that. I asked the question of the amazon “community” and received an answer promptly. “No, there is no opening in the front”. What? Without a front opening how does a guy unzip his pants and take out his penis to pee? There is no opening in the front of the underwear to do that? That means that a guy has to unzip and unbuckle and unbutton his pants, pull down his pants, then pull down his underwear just to pee. And, standing up, that’s not convenient. Or quick. Or, with your pants falling down around your ankles, not good for your balance. The other alternative is to do all that and sit down on the toilet and pee. Pee like a girl. Hey, underwear manufacturers, I don’t want to go through pulling down my zipper, undoing my belt, unbuttoning my pants and pulling down my underwear just to take a leak! And I CERTAINLY don’t want to do all that and then sit on the toilet and pee like a girl! When men only have to urinate real men pee standing up!

In taking away the front opening, men’s underwear designers are taking away our manhood! Men’s underwear designers are taking away our manhood and turning us into girls! When I have to urinate I just want to easily and quickly and safely whip out my penis – through my fly – and whiz away into the toilet! Standing up. Like a man.

That being the case, I am definitely not buying these Calvin Klein boxer briefs. What will I do for underwear? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go commando, and not wear underwear at all. Ugh. Or maybe I’ll try “Depends” incontinence underwear and just pee in my pants.

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How to Be a Plus-Size Model

A very few modeling agencies recognize this growing potential in plus-sized modeling as well in the modern fashion industry of today. We have thus written this article to point out the key features in plus-size modeling, and how to become a plus sized model.

See if you Fit the Size Requirements

Generally in the western world super-sized models range from a height of about 170cm to 185cm, and a clothing size UK 10 -16. This range lowers a little in Singapore and the Asian market as the general population is generally lower in height and weight. However, these specifications are never followed very strictly and there are models outside of this category that lie outside of the criteria and yet are still successful. The specifications are stricter for fashion modeling rather than commercial modeling. But it is important to note that although they are called super sized models, they are not actually plus-sized in the conventional sense, but it is in the modeling sense when we compare with regular models they are slightly fuller in appearance.

Do Market Research on the Areas of Work in the Modeling Industry

Plus-size modeling is still considered a niche in the modeling industry and is more focused on specific areas such as editorials, catalog, online and print marketing, and advertising/promoting specialty brands and designs. There are still areas unexplored by this type of modeling such as runway modeling. There is heavy criticism and we hope the fashion industry changes to be more inclusive, however, if you want to start out in the curvy modeling industry as of now, you would need expertise and interest in the fields where such modeling is thriving.

Find the Right Agency

If you are interested, research and find out a few top modeling agencies. Know what their requirements are; either submit your own photographs and apply to the agency yourself or keep you updated on the open casting calls.

Keep Fit and Healthy

As mentioned earlier keeping to the requirements of plus-sized modeling is not an easy act as well. As such, make sure to exercise, and have a good diet to maintain a naturally rich beauty. You would also have to do specific exercises to tone the body and keep your physique tight and appealing. Take appropriate actions to maintain your beauty (For example, clearing your skin and going for timely manicure or pedicure).

Most importantly a plus-sized model must embody confidence, even more so than regular models. There may be doubts or uncertainty as to whether you can succeed in such as niche sector in the industry, this where your confidence plays a role. Make sure you work on your poses and become more photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera.

First, establish a strong passion for modeling, and seek out the right modeling agencies such as Create Talents and Models to guide you through to achieve your goals and ambitions.

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The Five Best Places to Look to Keep Up With Trending Fashion

1. Celebrate fashion weeks

Besides the four fashion capitals of the world namely; Paris, Milan, London, and New York, I’m sure there is a local version of fashion week in your place where you can get a huge amount of fashion style inspirations. Quickly check online for the scheduled date of this tremendously exciting affair for fashion aficionados and take a pick among which style inspirations you would get from the various collections of different fashion designers flaunting their work on the runway.

2. Be a mall rat

If fashion weeks seem to be far-fetched, you can always go to your dependable local mall. Malls usually have shops that sell the trends. Which top sells the hottest or which clothing brands are worn by celebrities and models alike. Clothing brands usually get famous celebrities to be fashion style inspirations and you’ll surely find out how you can keep up with the latest fashion trends & tips.

3. Love media!

Print, television, and film are powerful sources of great style inspirations you can check. Posh magazines are still on the list of references where you can see what’s hot and what’s not. Magazines are also beneficial because you can just cut-out your favourite outfit, post it on your wall and explore your closet to have the same look! Allure, Cosmopolitan, Elle and Vogue are just some of the many fashion magazines you can rely on. Fashion style inspirations are also found on TV and film where you can just see what style celebrities are wearing.

4. Embrace the online fashion frenzy

You will definitely agree when I say that technology has made everything conveniently operated by the touch of a finger. All you have to do is research, browse, and pin pictures of your fashion style inspirations so you can have them on-standby when you need a glance of the latest fashion trends & tips. You can also subscribe to fashion websites to get a daily dose of fashion freshness or follow fashion designers and posh clothing brands on social media.

5. Go out and scout

Call up your friends and hit the bar, a concert, or a party and play observe. The best fashion style inspirations are sometimes the random people you see around. Chances are if it’s trendy enough, then 90% of the people are wearing it. Spot the fashionistas with your friends and don’t forget to take down notes on the latest fashion trends & tips.

Fashion is always fun but ever-changing so if you are one of those who adore being hip all the time, it’s vital that you know the different fashion style inspirations and latest fashion trends & tips to always be in the loop. Don’t forget to throw in some of your personal style and be the next fashion statement!

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New Jewelry Trends In 2017 Are Set To Bring New Style Waves

2017 jewelry trends will emphasize individuality. The costume jewelry will include jewelry sets in metal, Chinese adornments, Swarovski crystals with adornments, magical red cords, gold bracelets and many more interesting options of jewelry that are widespread. New jewelry trends this year is expected to be marked by variety. No worries, even the unusual and large jewelry bought last year can be used this new season.

The jewelry design styles emphasize attractive and femininity of the wearer. Furthermore, flowers and headbands, ribbons, fabric rims and various chains are to be in the fashionable jewelry trend. Here are some new jewelry trends:

· Massive jewelry for the winters go well with the style. Do not be worried with the size. Boldly, take the most heavy and largest necklace and wear it on knitted a sweater.

· Consider wearing massive rings with lots of stones highlighting American jewelry trend or even rings of bizarre shapes associated with colors such as red, turquoise, blue and silver because that looks amazing. You can wear rings on each finger; the bigger the better.

· Look for floral motifs to give a new dimension to the general jewelry trend. These set off the autumn mood and offer special warmth. Earrings, rings and bracelets in gold also are required in 2017. However, you may continue the floral motif theme and add various colors mounted on laces and chains, they look fashionable that it can be worn on fabrics and leather.

· Diamonds in all sizes create an awesome effect. It looks great with white gold and diamonds, besides it looks the best in sleeker and slimmer designs. The snake themes are new in the jewelry trend this year, and there are the animal shaped motifs catching up this year expressed in the snake shape in everything, earrings, necklace to bracelet.


2017 women’s fashion bracelets are in silver and leather. There will be combination of many relevant styles such as Indian embossing, Turkish stone framing and Greek silver weaving.

Jewelry bracelet trends in 2017 include chains, crystals, thin-thread bracelets featuring the Pandora style beads, thus making the handmade bracelets fashionable.

Trendy leather bracelets have also gotten a place this year and are in the form of tangles, belts with spikes and studs, besides other additions suitable as casual style adherents. If you wear bracelets, wear several of them in one hand.


2017 Women’s fashion rings are in varied styles. Gold rings come fitted with crystals and stones and are also cheap options. However, this year the focus is on unusual and massive geometric forms and you can find rings in original sets designed for 4 -5 fingers.

This year the jewelry trends are expected to be popular in retro and vintage styles for bracelets and rings. The pendants, carved necklaces in wood and metal will feature colorful crystals. There will be volume necklaces in glass and metal and they will be embroidered with beads, stones and Swarovski crystals. So pay attention to the trend and wear different shapes, weaves and styles of jewelry.

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How Father Time Can Make You A Fashion Icon

Time really does fly by and often it brings about certain psychological peculiarities in the fashion realm. Years ago I remember my elder’s talking and showing me their iconic fashion pieces such as their leather jacket, suit, coat, sunglasses, wallet, etc. mentioning them as a matter of fact or sometimes with boastful pride that they’ve had these items far longer than I was as alive at the time. And because they were from a different era, they only had one signature piece that they wore regularly. These pieces were fashionable and functional, and still remained so decades after they bought them. Whether it was a question that the clothes matched the middle age person or whether it was the clothes themselves as a stand-alone were the main attraction it’s a matter of opinion based on emotion.

Fashion houses today produce hot & trendy stuff which are quickly forgotten in the next season, stuff which include replicas of those traditional Americana pieces. Despite their vintage designer label how many people will actually keep these items as long as their grandparents – the Real McCoys of yesterday? Ironically these Americana replica items are now made overseas because of cost controls (a.k.a. cheap labor), not in the USA where the originals were made.

Additionally our elders were able to maintain these items much longer not just because the quality was superior but their hard-working blue collar lifestyle kept them from becoming obese. Nowadays people must discard or donate their clothing every so often because of a sedentary lifestyle. Gramps could still fit comfortably into his leather jacket when he bought it when he was a whipper-snapper.

Now that I’m older I realized that there are several items which I bought in the 20th century, made in the USA, that are durable, functional and continue to be stylish including rugged goose-down jackets when they were first introduced and leather jackets made of thick horsehide that is so heavy that it almost feels bullet-proof.

When we realize and admit that you’re becoming your father or mother it’s certainly true in the fashion sense for a particular generation. So what does this all mean? It means that Father Time has passed the torch to you and now you represent that era when great clothes made the man and woman, a walking promotion that iconic symbols of what luxury is all about: class, functionality, durability and, of course, stylishness.

Copyright Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC 2017. All rights reserved.

Indo-Brazilian Associates LLC is a NYC-based global advisory service and think tank with connections at the highest levels specializing in international investment, political and security risk assessments. International business is increasingly complex featuring a highly mobile professional class in all corners of the globe. We provide you the tools to successfully negotiate cross-culturally in your global business endeavors. Tell us about your challenges. We’ll get you on the “Short List”.

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Jewelry Design In 2017 Ensures Timeless Trends

The new jewelry trends are decided after attending the fashion weeks in London, Milan, Paris and New York by fashion reporters and editors. The big picture of jewelry design trends this year in 2017 is the layering of necklaces, combining charms, mixing metals, stacking rings and ear climbers.

The styles of jewelry are not set in one day as jewelry is a wonderful aspect. It takes time and as individuality rules, many directions evolve and turn into favorite pieces that can be worn easily with newer selections from designers or looks. The times to consider jewelry design are always the beginning of a year and this year, the trend starts with rings and pendants having a flip or swivel and reveal motifs. There will be interchangeable pieces such as two-in-one rings and convertible earrings that will have its popularity retained. Adding to this a series of new shapes and motifs are expected to be available to choose.

New jewelry trends:

· The new jewelry designs are expected to drop low with necklaces such that they reveal décolletage and dip down. These necklaces may be worn with anything ranging from a deep neck t-shirt to an artful or white patterned unbuttoned shirt having underneath tank top. You can also enjoy a more covered look by wearing these necklaces featuring shift dress or a flat front sheath.

· Wearing gold circle with fringe leather also makes a great combination. Wear leather lariat with pearl and twist at the wrist or wear it as a bracelet.

· On denim jacket, wear varying lengths of necklaces or a Y necklace ultra long featuring American jewelry trend. In fact, with rose gold, the deep Y necklace looks stunning on any tank top or simple black shirt.

· Necklaces now come in a diverse range and they are famous as a layering trend as well. It looks good with every neckline, except for the cowl or turtle neck. The floral motifs with diamond edges having simple shapes are most popular. Even wearing two necklaces look perfect, but you must ensure one of the chains has diamonds and the other is a simple version of many styles. It gives a radiant feel.

The fast-paced times are changing with jewels and taking the speed of travel the new generation jewelry designers from the US and Europe are giving coloring to the outside lines keeping the geometric styles clean. This gives a distinct look and the creativity showed in the design emphasizes sensibility.

Each year, a new crop of healthy designers keep emerging and this year the floral motifs in asymmetrical rings are making up their way as new jewelry trend. In fact, it includes variety of birds and dragonflies as a variety in the jewelry. There will be inclusion of vividly colored gemstones and diamonds that even the natural motifs will present a timeless trend as it brings a fairytale magic into the jewelry with unexpected shapes and vibrantly colored gems.

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Make a Fashion Statement With Amazing Collection of T-Shirts

Basketball remains one of the most revered games played today. The jerseys sported by players on court actually assume a very significant shape in the lives of the NBA fans, who sport pro-cut uniforms of their favorite teams in a bid to show their love for the same. A typical basketball uniform consists of sleeveless upper halves, shorts, knee caps and head bands. There are a lot of factors considered before selecting basketball uniforms and today, we’re just going to take a look at what those factors are.


Yes! At the heart of the selection of these jerseys is comfort and there are so many things that needed to be taken care of in order to ensure comfort. The right fit and fabric are the two most important factors that need to be taken into account here. A tighter upper half might hinder mobility in a major way, while a fabric unable to absorb sweat is not really fit for humid conditions. So, a choice needs to be made in accordance.


A manufacturer selling the entire ensemble is more likely to be preferred by the buyers instead of those selling only the upper halves or the lower halves-firstly because, the former offer products within a more affordable price bracket and secondly because it is generally more convenient to get your needs fulfilled by only one manufacturer instead of hunting several suppliers at the same time. It’s a matter of double the research or double the groundwork. You have to conduct background research and price comparisons for every other product differently.

Team consensus

Team uniforms (irrespective of whether they’re sported by cricketers, soccer players, basketball players and so on) are generally selected after securing common consensus. The jersey designs and colors are only zeroed in on after all team members put forward their opinions regarding suitability. A team is known by its jersey. As basketball fans, we understand how important our favorite team jerseys are for us. Every other team is driven by different sensibilities as far as their passion, overall team outlook, and their approach towards their game are concerned. The team jersey thus selected serves to reflect different sensibilities in a major way. A team, for instance, which is new in the circuit and are known for their rawness might as well have the color red present dominantly in their team uniform or in patches.

You need to find a credentialed manufacturer in a bid to get your hands on quality stuff. Be sure enough to consult manufacturers that are actually known for providing custom team jerseys that are the right combination of affordability and quality. Plus, they should be able to deliver orders before within the desirable timeframe. The use of advanced machinery ensures that jerseys are crafted fast without compromising on the quality.

Seek recommendations from peers and browse through the plethora of online reviews in order to find out how different manufacturers have been rated and reviewed.

Hope this primer will help you in your quest for the right team uniform.

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